Cooking With Coffee: Coffee Chicken Wings

Heller! I was going through some old coffee files and found this really cool video of myself cooking with coffee. I thought it was the perfect share – especially for a quick Monday evening meal. Here is an excerpt from my Jitterz Cafe Blog: Confessions of A CoffeeJunkie. The original link is included also.

Coffee Chicken Waaangs

What could be more fun than cooking with coffee? Oh, wait – drinking it! Anyhoo, I received some incredible coffee from BaristaOnDutY: Light Roasted Vietnamese R16 and Medium/Dark Roasted Vietnamese R16. Both cups had an incredibly smoky profiles (check out the Light Roast Here and the Med/Dark Roast Here) with subtle, bold, and very unique twists. When applied as a glaze to baked chicken, we got a heck of a lot more of that WOW factor. Take a #coffee cooking, chicken waaaang journey with me below!

Don’t forget to check out the fun pics of the Med/Dark Roasted Vietnamese R16 Glaze, Light Roasted Vietnamese R16 Glaze, and Med/Dark Roasted Vietnamese R16 Glazed Chicken. Both pair well with A Malbec or Riesling!


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